This week we have read Chapter 6. Respond as you did last week and reply to someone’s reflection on their blog or below as you wish.

  1. This chapter is organized around seven topics that teachers often cite as “hot spots” or areas of concern in managing a differentiated classroom. Take time to discuss each of the seven topics in detail. Consider generating a three-column chart (on chart paper, an overhead, a computer, or a white board) that lists each topic, the concerns group members have about that topic, and some strategies for addressing those concerns.
  2. The authors assert that teachers are learners who, just like their students, become discouraged if work seems overwhelming. They suggest that teachers should start with design and implementation of a few key routines and add others as they and their students become comfortable with existing routines. Discuss which routines you think would be most powerful to introduce early in terms of student success.

Mrs. P