From this sweetness…

To this awesomeness!

Today is my youngest daughter’s 22nd birthday, a day to not only celebrate another year of her life here on this Earth, but to celebrate a new milestone for her. You may think to yourself, “You said she’s 22…isn’t 21 the milestone year?” But for me as her mommy, this milestone is not about legalities, this one is about seeing your fruits mature and seeing her as she begins her first year of teaching. I’m so very proud of her and her accomplishments and I wanted to dedicate this post to her in honor of her birthday!

We always knew Tesi was a little mommy. She had this ability to engage kids; even those who were close in age to her. Tesi was and continues to be SUNSHINE to all who know her. She genuinely can light up a room with her smile! She is a hard worker and fiercely dedicated to enriching those around her. Miss Tesi, as she is known by her students and parents, is relentless and does not give up easily. After graduating from high school she set off to study graphic design, ignoring her desire to pursue an education degree. A year later, I recall her coming to us with a very serious look in her face. [You know the one you see when your kids are about to confess a great sin?] Thankfully the confession was to tell us that she was switching majors and was going to be a teacher. Imagine my relief when I heard that! I was partly alleviated from knowing that she wasn’t in any trouble, but mostly, because she was going to be a teacher just like me and my own mother!  Of course, I couldn’t scream and shout for joy immediately, after all, I had to think of how little money she would be earning as well as the difficultly she would have in getting a job in this bad economy. Nevertheless, I was overjoyed! My little Sunshine, my little Mother Hen was finally accepting the fact that she was born to teach others!

Miss Tesi went on to finish college “on-time” going through each semester with a full load of classes and working three part-time jobs the entire time. She graduated with several honors, ranked Magna Cum Laude and after a long summer searching for a teaching position, she is about to begin her teaching career in a wonderful Charter School teaching Kindergarten! How awesome is that?

So today we have big plans!!! Sleep in, manicures and pedicures, lunch and a little shopping….for what else? TEACHER GOODIES!!!! After all, an apple never falls far from the tree!

Happy Birthday Tesi! May you continue to be blessed with good health, peace, love and the joys of teaching!

With much love always,

Mooma AKA Mrs. P