I received my newsletter from Laura Chandler, from Teaching Resources and linked up with some intermediate teachers also participating in an on-line book study for D5. The host for this week was Katie Lyons, from The Art of Teaching for Teachers and she posted some thought provoking questions that merit that I use for further personal introspection. I wanted to add them here just to make sure that I address them because they point out areas in which I can further develop in my classroom. I highly recommend that you hop on over to We Read, We Blog, We Teach,  to learn from other intermediate teachers, but here are Katie’s questions:

  1. What do you envision your gathering place looking like?

  2. If you already have one, what makes it work?  Any tips for us beginners?

  3. What are some ways you help your students select books that work for them? 

  4. Do you use the I PICK acronym or something else?

  5. Have you ever used book boxes before?  If so, what did you use?

  6. Do you have a classroom library?  How many books do you have?

  7. Do you consistently use anchor charts?

  8. Do you use the I PICK acronym or something else?

  9. Any tips on displaying anchor charts?

10. How do you overcome any obstacles placed on you by school, city codes, etc on displaying materials?

11. What are some tips that you have for teachers when doing repeated practice?

12.  What signals do you use in your classroom?

13. Why do you think check-in is an important aspect of this model? 

“And now, we return to our regularly scheduled program!”